Tynwald School Accident {Oct} 2022 To Know Behind The Truth

Morning my dearest parents. I am sad to announce the death of six students due to this tragic accident. The next of kin has been notified, and the deceased has been positively identified. My heart is broken and grieving. Despite being very sad and unfortunate, such incidents make us realize that we are all one family.

The number of consolation messages I receive from all corners of the globe is overwhelming. It is sad, but we can take comfort in the fact that they have been elevated to glory and praise God for saving more lives. Remember those who have lost their child; I lost mine. It is hard to say that I am heartbroken. I ask the Lord to give me wisdom and strength to deal with this challenging situation.

All the injured are my best wishes for a speedy recovery. I will be here until the last one is discharged. We have mobilized resources as a school to provide specialized services for the injured and repatriate our children’s remains to Harare. All strength to you. Yours truly, Matimba Kenias( School Head ).

Police confirmed that six students from Tynwald High School, comprising five girls and one boy, were killed yesterday at 1900hrs. The school bus, which was going on a trip, veered off the road to avoid a collision and crashed at the 75 km mark along Rusape Nyanga Road, near Pine Tree Hotel.

According to the bus driver, he failed to negotiate a sharp curve which caused the bus to roll down a steep slope several times. The bus then crashed onto its roof.

Trinity, nine other staff members and learners were also injured. They are treated at Nyanga District Hospital in Mutare and Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital.

“The bus contained 46 passengers. According to police, the victims’ names would be released when their next-of-kin is advised.”

According to the statement, police are investigating what happened in this tragic and unfortunate road traffic accident.