Jose Mourinho aims to brutal dig at Juventus & Barcelona; he calls them the ‘failed sharks of Champions League’

Jose Mourinho has a reputation for being a man who doesn’t mince words and is now shaming big European clubs for their failure in the Champions League. AS Roma is still in contention for a berth in the Round 32 of the UEFA Europa League. However, a few big clubs could risk dropping to the Europa League.

Jose Mourinho looks at the top European clubs.

Barcelona and Juventus currently sit in third place in their Champions League groups and could fall to the Europa League if they fail to finish second. Mourinho, a former manager of Real Madrid, couldn’t resist making a joke about his former rivals. Mourinho was questioned during the press conference after the draw against Real Betis.

He said he believed the Spanish teams were the favourites to win the group, with his team sitting in third. In reply, the former Manchester United manager said that he saw them [Betis] only as candidates. 

‘However, the Champions League’s failed sharks will soon arrive and make a serious challenge. It will be entertaining—the failures in the Champions League. It’s not something you should expect, but it is the truth.

Mourinho stated that they wanted to finish second but that if we finished third, we would be eligible to keep the Conference League.’ Roma will be dropped to the conference league if they fail to reach the top two. If this happens, they can defend their title.

How can Barcelona and Juventus avoid being eliminated from the Europa League?

Barcelona could still qualify for the next round in the champions league, but that depends on many “ifs” and “buts”. Barcelona must win all remaining matches to ensure that Plzen gets a result in their favour. 

Barcelona’s chances of reaching the round of 16 will be ruined if Plzen loses in San Siro to Inter Milan. If Barca can stay in third place, it will be their second consecutive Europa League campaign.

Juventus must win all of their matches to qualify for the next stage. To reach the 16th round, Maccabi Haifa, an Israeli club, would need to beat either PSG or Benfica. Haifa’s run in the Champions League has been rocky, so their upset chances are slim.